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MindStaq is a next-gen digital workspace that enables stakeholders, managers, and team members to effortlessly execute enterprise projects. MindStaq rethinks project workflows for individuals and teams to better maximize your mental space.



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Innovative Web
Content Editing

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Project Dashboard

Displays interactive stats panels that highlight any area of the project that needs attention. Each panel is clickable and takes the user to the associated tasks or issues in the project. The user can also instantly see active tasks, recent documents, and notes as well as view project-specific messages with the ability to instantly start a new conversation or reply to an existing one.

Project Timeline

Allows project managers and team members alike to visualize the project using a Gantt chart and understand overlaps, dependencies, and sequencing of tasks as well as groups of tasks. A single click displays the critical path of the project, based on existing data. Drag and drop allows project planners to rearrange the work breakdown structure of the plan.

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Project Task Boards

Allows team members to easily view and update Tasks with simple drag and drop using Kanban-style boards. Task groups are displayed on the left to help filter and plan the tasks being reviewed. Project messages are available so that scrum calls and web teleconferences can find relevant task conversations or start new ones.

Intuitive Messaging UI

Our global messaging view summarizes communications across all active projects, public channels as well as private conversations between 2 or more team members. Every project is automatically a channel for team members to have real-time conversations. Each task and issue within a project also allow threaded conversations, which then show up in the main Project channel with all the relevant context displayed. This allows team members and project managers to raise issues, report status, and solve problems in each task and issue in the project.

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