• Sai Prakash

Collaborating in the Digital World

Updated: May 14

How can you actually achieve effective cloud-based collaboration in today’s disparate, multi-platform and application world?

Even businesses under the same roof and/or on the same network find achieving cloud-based collaboration a challenge. Effective cloud-based collaboration today usually requires multiple applications that may or may not “talk” to each other and integrate into the corporate environment securely.

Office suites today are great in that they let you do almost everything you need within one “suite” of products. Yet challenges present themselves when you start taking notes, assigning tasks, and attempting cloud-based collaboration with others. Even working on your own in an office suite requires copy-and-paste of content rather than simply leveraging the same content across multiple platforms.

Additionally, task management often requires a separate platform or software, separate from an office suite and a much lower priority – whether we like it or not – that employees’ inboxes. So unfortunately, cloud-based collaboration today is rarely more robust than emails. Not exactly embracing the true potential of cloud-based collaboration.

MindStaq was designed by individuals who have been trying to effectively collaborate for years with the traditional tools, left frustrated and designing a solution that makes effective cloud-based collaboration a reality… finally.

By developing a better cloud-based collaboration solution, it was first necessary for us to acknowledge what’s already in place. While synchronous editing is available in more than one word processing, content generating application – this creates a situation where multiple editors can be typing at the same time. To develop a content creation, cloud-based collaboration that emphasizes collaboration rather than competition, one must have asynchronous cloud-based collaboration, allowing a reviewer to be the final arbiter of changes rather than a synchronous method that suggests the last editor has the most power.

When working on a project typically a task management, cloud-based collaboration tool is required separate from the office suite that holds the project documents, notes, etc. MindStaq, however, integrates task management, co-editing, and note taking & sharing requirements into its cloud-based collaboration solution, marrying the creative process with the realities of needing to manage process, deadlines, and communication – all in one place.

Achieve true cloud-based collaboration without multiple applications and basic old-school emails with MindStaq – a better, smarter way to work.


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