• Sai Prakash

Note-taking in a Digital World

Maybe I am an outlier, but instead of using note-taking software alone, I tend to have a physical notebook, post-it notes, or scratches on pads on my desk as well. Bottom line? I am usually in my inbox, on a website, in a spreadsheet or a word processing program and I don’t have the desire to go back and forth from the work that’s on my mind to a note-taking app.

I have downloaded note apps before (Evernote, Onenote, etc.) from a couple of different sources, usually on a whim, usually because someone recommends a particular note-taking app for me to try. I also have both a Mac and an iPhone, so I have the built-in notes app Apple provides that puts my thoughts on both my Mac and phone – so theoretically that should work. The problem is that this still involves a separate application or program and that software is not talking to my email or my office productivity suite. And don’t even get me started on what a pain it is to clip web articles and manage bookmarks while researching things on the web.

Once in a while I find myself at a workstation with an additional screen, allowing me to have side-by-side monitors. It’s under these circumstances that I find myself actually using note-taking software – on the adjacent screen. But then I’m in another bind as I try and associate notes with my calendar or various contexts or projects usually involving office productivity software.

I shared my frustrations with note-taking software with MindStaq’s developers when the product was on the drawing board – what if note-taking software worked in tandem with what I was already doing? Whether I am writing or crunching numbers, can my notes be available alongside the office suite? And by alongside, I mean note taking software that is integrated with the word processor, the spreadsheet, email, the web and even a calendar!

Designed from the ground up to work the way today’s multitasking mind works, MindStaq puts your note taking software within the context in which the notes were taken. Think of it as a virtual post-it note you can place on your dashboard, or within a project, or inside a document. MindStaq notes works in a manner that provides your notes where you need them!

Now I can ditch my post-it notes, notepads, and inefficient note-taking software, save some headaches and maybe even a few trees!


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