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The smartest way to manage daily digital work

Enterprise project management reimagined from the ground up...

Hybrid Project Management

Help teams stay focused on important tasks in short duration sprints using Kanban boards while using traditional waterfall methods in Gantt charts to coordinate larger projects which combine multiple phases and departments. Teams can choose between Agile and Waterfall methodologies while leadership uses OKRs to intelligently track overall results.

Intelligent Collaboration

Every project becomes a Slack-like channel in which contextual conversations can be easily exchanged, across desktop and mobile devices. In addition, tasks and issues being tracked in the project become individual mini-channels. Messages can even trigger actions like asking for more time or re-assigning a task.

Unified Productivity with Teams

We create a seamless user experience within Microsoft Teams with three purpose-built apps that blend project dashboards, messaging, and user-focused task lists with existing Teams channels, posts, meetings, and files. Use MindStaq to cut through the noise and track the most important activities in the company.

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