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AI-Enhanced Minimalist Project Management

Why MindStaq?


Hybrid Project Management

Benefit: Achieve the Best of Both Worlds in Project Execution
Choose the project management style that suits your needs—be it Agile's flexibility or Waterfall's structure. Our platform adapts to your workflow, ensuring that teams can focus on what matters while leadership effortlessly tracks progress with OKRs.


Intelligent Collaboration

Benefit: Streamline Conversations and Actions in One Place
Imagine having a dedicated channel for every project and task where conversations flow naturally and important decisions are made quickly. With our app, not only can you discuss, but you can also trigger project actions like task reassignment—all without leaving the chat.


Unified Productivity with Teams

Benefit: Supercharge Your Microsoft Teams Experience
Elevate your Microsoft Teams environment by integrating MindStaq's tailored apps. Consolidate project dashboards, communications, and to-do lists within your existing Teams setup, making it easier than ever to focus on the activities that drive your company forward.

5 Enterprise Customers in Paid production

Over 500 Projects under management

Early Adoption Program Results

Over 350 User Accounts

More than 30K tasks created

Over 5K issues tracked

- Flexible Pricing featuring 3 plans with monthly/annual pricing -

Public Release coming Fall 2023


Enterprise project management reimagined

Flexibility in Project Management

Finding the right project management style shouldn't be a project itself. Our minimalist app lets you create and track both Waterfall and Agile projects with ease. Whether you're looking for the disciplined approach of Waterfall or the adaptive nature of Agile, you have the freedom to select the methodology that aligns with your team's goals.

Simplified Task Management

Stay on top of your to-do list with our easy-to-use "My Tasks" app, featuring intuitive Kanban boards. View all your assigned tasks at a glance, categorize them based on priority or progress, and drag-and-drop to update their status. It's task management, simplified.

Organizational Alignment with Programs and OKRs

Say goodbye to fragmented business objectives and the chaos that comes with it. Our app enables you to manage business outcomes through organization-wide Programs and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Align all teams and departments under unified goals to achieve measurable success, effortlessly.

Data-Driven Insights

Making informed decisions is crucial for project success, and that's where our robust reporting comes in. Track team utilization and project status across your company with detailed reports. Know where you stand at any given moment and make adjustments as needed to keep your projects on track and your team engaged.

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